Charter Band (Gloucester Charter Concert Band)

About Charter Band

Our people

Charter Band is Gloucestershire's only community wind band - meaning that we are a non-professional band that draws our players entirely from the local community. We are entirely independent and self-funding. We always welcome new members - click here for more information about joining us.

We have a very loyal membership, with many of our players having been with the band for a decade or more. For example, our current conductor, Simon Stephens, joined as a trumpeter in 1984. By the early 1990s he was regularly travelling up from Bristol, where he was studying, to conduct rehearsals.

Structure and history

We are a symphonic wind band by construction, meaning that we accept players from the orchestral woodwind, brass and percussion sections. We identify ourselves as a concert band specifically, meaning that our repertoire tends towards lighter "crowd-pleasers" such as film themes, medleys from musicals and Big Band standards. We are available for hire - click here to find out more about hiring the band.

We were founded in 1983 and our name is derived from the fact that 1983 was the 500th anniversary of the granting of a Charter to the City of Gloucester by Richard III.

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